KeyDragon - Solo Piano Pieces by Ron Langford

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"Ron Langford has a great repetoire.  He mixes old classical, new classical, and original classical piano all in one album."  --Ed Rankin
  The KeyDragon - Ron Langford - has finished his third solo piano pieces album entitled - Dragon Pond.  This album contains all original music by Ron Langford with the exception of one piece.  Ron has decided to memorize and put on this album Mozart's first piece ever!  Mozart's' Dad and sister always lied about Mozart's true age.  They said he wrote this when he was 5 years old but experts say that he probably wrote this piece when he was around 7 years old.


Ron Langford has been studying and playing the piano for over 20 years. He has studied the classical era, modern classical (contemporary) and alternative forms of classical piano artistry. He has had a wide range of instruction from blues, rock, classical - to new age, alternative, and progressive. He went to college as a piano major but ended up with a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Special Education.
Currently, Ron works as a 6-8th grade SDC teacher in California. He plays in recitals and holds concerts around California. Ron Langford tends to write new music but will carry a few favorites within his repertoire. He is currently working on a third album of classical, solo piano pieces in Grass Valley, California.

Current Reviews:

KeyDragon - Solo Piano Pieces (2002)Self-released

Do you consider KeyDragon a gothic metal band having five albums released so far? Yes, it is exactly so, however its main character is G. Ron Langford Jr. who was responsible for vocal parts on first four CDs. But he is chiefly a keyboardist and pianist fascinated by dragons, that's why he called himself KeyDragon. Mr. Langford cooperated with many bands like Don't Walk, Body Pyle, The Cool Band, 9th Wave, Dry Rot, Decreation, Execution and Aftershock. KeyDragon released his first solo CD in the year 2002.

"Solo Piano Pieces" is a special album, since it was performed on a 1918 Chilton Upright Grand Piano. You will be convinced that the instrument has its unique sound and finally stood the test of time. If you suffer from a dearth of silence, and metal music seems to be nerve-wracking, KeyDragon comes with a relief. I kid you not! If you are poised for absolutely different genre, you shouldn't be disappointed. It is distantly located from metal music. The stuff is lenient and positively infused. We can consider it easy-listening, yet ambitious piano music with several classical references which are ably customized and precisely captured by Ron Langford. Thus, here are the likes of Johann Sebastian Bach's "Allegro in B", Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Minuet in F", Ludwig van Beethoven's "Für Elise" and an old French dance played in quadruple time - Georg Friedrich Handel's "Gavotte". "Solo Piano Pieces" is distinguished by manifold shades and various colours included in classical covers and original compositions, being also full of subtlety and nobleness.

At the very end, I admit that I don't believe in so-called suck up loyalty to one style only. I am not a worshiper of one or two genres. I love music in general. Ron managed to learn us consider him both classical and metal musician. An instrumental piano music isn't a hurdle for me. It hinges on you, Dear Readers, if you will enjoy it or not.

by Nicolo of the Department of Virtuosity



KeyDragon - Jonquils & Daffodils (2005)Self-released

Aforesaid flower-titled album is the second item in Ron Langford's solo discography. I observed that many musicians shelve their music differing from what they ususally compose and play, and I think that it is a fundamental fault. Some of them are afraid of negative ractions from their orthodox fans, and, as a result, they are constrained and locked in one genre. Let's look at Alex Skolnick who can play thrash metal and jazz, then Marcus Rosen who plays heavy metal and jazz/fusion, Vitalij Kuprij who is a classical pianist and progressive neoclassical keyboard hotshot. The examples can be multiplied, but the fact is Ron can also play gothic metal and classical music with no prejudices to other genres.

"Jonquils & Daffodils" is its best proof. The music is bit mysterious, bit romantic and multi-coloured and, as always, classicaly inspired. Thus, we have got Georg Friedrich Handel's "Saraband" and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's "Allegro in B flat Major", but also an American movie and TV composer - Henry Mancini's Pink Panther" and a Hungarian romanticist - Stephen Heller's "An Old Romance". This item, as a continuation of the debut, proves his stature as a classical musician who doesn't confine his abilities, but explores his talents thoroughly. His unusual skills are undisputed indeed. To recap my revelations, I admit that I listened to "Jonquils & Daffodils" considerately.

by Nicolo of the Department of Virtuosity


KeyDragon - Dragon Pond (2007)Self-released

This is the third solo album by American instrumentalist Ron Langford performed on a 1918 Chilton upright grand piano. Even though he presents his classical face with the stuff, he is rock and metal musician as well. "Dragon Pond" is a CD filled with bleak and minor instrumental music. First two compositions sound like a two-part funeral march with mysterious and bit depressing rhythms. Then there is a little revival when tones start to be brighter and more vivid. One of the most coarse tracks is "Menuet and Trio" strongly inspired by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music. He isn't an usual drudge, but he puts his heart and soul into all tones and plays out every single score with a great load of emotions. Ron's music drives like a calm stream and acts like a quiet pond. It allows us to calm and muffle in today's fast-driven world. I think that his music can bring us closer to nature we are used not to spot being lost in a daily routines.




Dragon Pond is the third solo piano pieces album by Ron Langford

Jonquils & Daffodils is the second solo piano pieces album by Ron Langford

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Solo Piano Pieces is the first solo piano pieces album by Ron Langford

Classical/Contemporary Solo Piano Music
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